Day 0, Strike 1 . design05 Preview at Aqua

So it is time to say hello Art Basel.
Craig Robbins does it in the name of design05, a - what else? - design fair and show, which runs parallel to Art Basel (what a coincidence... not). Craig is the king of the island. Well, lets say king of the ALlison Island peninsula, which he transformed from a dump into a beautiful - though a tad expensive - village. Instead of building some 40 story tower, architects were invited to participate in designing unique townhouses, with a couple of semi-high rises sprinkled in. A good idea, as you see in the Places 2C: Aqua photo gallery to the right.

All those galleries by the way are worth seeing (ok, ok, I photographed all of them, but you´ll understand when you click on them).

Craig kept a couple of the several million dollar townhouses and had the guest house decorated by the exquisite Ambra Medda.

A delight to look at. The design, I mean, obviously.
The king of the hill then took us on a charming tour of the island, with Miami´s sensual breeze paving the way. Or was it Craig who was paving the way?

Up, up. And not away.
But, wait, there's more. As a complement to Ambra´s charms, Venezuelan architect Luis Pons came out of the woodwork and explained why he chose to put a lit and floating parthenon
into the waters of Indian Creek.
Convincing. Seriously.
We´ll be back at Aqua tomorrow for the unveiling of this artwork...

Can´t wait.

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also, as a reference, see Aqua during daylinght.

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