Day 0 . Strike 2 . Lighting I.M. Pei Building

After the nonchalant showing at Aqua it was off to Bright Lights, Big Buildings in downtown Miami.
Bank of America owns a building designed by I.M. Pei, and found a way to light it for Christmas and link it to Art Basel in one fell flick of the switch. And why not? If there is a sponsor there is a way. If there is cheese and champagne, a balmy Miami night and a couple hundred people who can't wait for the beginning of the Basel marathon, you've got yourself a party.
The locals are friendly, of course, and are happy to introduce foreigners to the Miami way of living it up.
The light show is a fun reminder of The Day when presents will be unwrapped in the same way as Miamians unwrap their clothing.
Not a bad idea overall. Not much to do with art (some photos in the sky lobby at least provided an oblique reference to Art Basel), but, hey, they tried.

And we know how to light up a town.
Just keep those colors changing.

And changing.


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