Day 1. Strike 1. Aqua . R.Tuttle´s Splash

how spoiled are we here in miami? "it´s raining, lets skip the delano". and we did. rain in late november even at 78 degrees F (26 C) spoils any event.
Good idea, anyway, as the sky cleared up (and it is a beuatiful morning now! this is the real sun rising out of the ocean, as seen from my terrace an hour or so ago). it is 78F/26C in the shade and 92F/33C in the sun at 8:30. so, don´t fear the rain. come to miami.
time is short, gotta go soon, so only in short the story of yesterday in four installments.


richard tuttle´s splash sculpture was unveiled at aqua. cool idea. a giant object is thrown into the pool and makes a big, yes, SPLASH!, on the building next to it. funky.

there i also learned that
a) models do eat sometimes
in style obviously (and i was too late to get the $140 swimwear given away by the sponsor; only L and XL remained and the women i know wear S at most; sorry girls).
b) artists can be recognized by their colorful, well artistic, attire

(cool stuff, rich)
c) susan grant lewin wears silver shoes.

very cool. matching her handbag. yes, they are prada. but they would be cool anyway.

all else is to befound in the gallery for this event. model pictures here, female AND male, don´t miss!


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