Day 1. Strike 2. Aqua . Pons´ Floating House

same aqua. different style. same playfulness. luis pons. venezuelan architect. had this monument to a villa in the city floating in biscayne bay for a couple of days. then anchored it at aqua.
great backdrop for photo ops and great opportunity for art and design and architecture to meet. the rain had stopped and the miami night was miami style again.
the take home gifts were rather different.

no, it was not the cute redhead, but the kind-of-necklace she is wearing.
and luis showed that you can be the center of dressed-up people´s attention with just a white t-shirt (blond hair and a cigarette in your lips help too).

an art basel event at it´s best. not overcrowded, but enough people. playful showcased art and a couple of hours to remember, especially in the inside view of the gorlin building at aqua (great choice to live there, florencia & xavier; i´ll come visit often) with the two story back lobby area from above.

that you will have to see in the online gallery . Or as an online slide show.


p.s. another look at this thingy ... cute!

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