Day 1. Strike 3. MOCA

and on it goes. to the museum of contemporary art. yes. miami does have a MOCA! not in the most easy to find location, but conveniently close to my house anyway. and, the show of hands (and feet, faces, not to mention legs and other parts of the human anatomy) at the art basel parties make me think that people do know what the MOCA is, but they just can´t find it without the shuttle buses from south beach. or something.
definitely PARADISE.

At least that is what the wonderful art work says that lights up the Art Basel parties.
Like this woman, with a positive attitude and a colorful dress code--which might be inappropriate anywhere else than here.

but, if there is somebody to single out then it is HIM.
DA art basel MAN!

first sighting of this wonderful guy, who brought so much joy to miami, that they should start polishing the bronze for the sculpture to sam keller´s bald head.
just from here... thanks, sam!

ok, no ode to sam joy, but the joy of finding a new camera "technique". you can copy it. stand in a party crowd, ideally where people must pass by. talk to your friends. set camera on your left shoulder. use wide angle. when people come by shoot them. always fun, as people often do realize in the last moment they are being photographed and turn their face to "surprised". which is fun... someone even manages to raise the hand in a defensive "what can i do, you caught me" greeting. i like it.

as always, more photos in the gallery to the MOCA party.
Or, if you prefer to not move a finger and see a slide show... voilá click here.

and as a bonus for reading this far down you get the double headed smile of


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