Day 1. Strike 4. MAC

there is this wonderful privately funded museum called the miami art central. MAC. it is kind of out of the way. but it has a great program, a great director in rina carvajal (i couldn´t say hi yesterday; so this way "hi, rina") and a HUGE party the day before the day before ABMB.

all these people are only one quarter of those that were there.
yes it was packed.
and, thankfully, people spend as much time looking at the wonderful william kentridge exhibition

as at the bars.

i´ll have to leave the photo gallery for later (gotta run to the convention center now), but it was a wonderful start of ABMB.

some call MAC a vanity museum financed by ella fontanals cisneros, but - honestly - it is a great place in a part of town where there was little culture and art before. and the MAC is bringing all of this.

i admit to going there for films, lectures (and the occasional party, but, hey, this IS miami).
so, if that is what a vanity project looks like... well, give me more vanity. who wants to compete with ella? (ok, there is the margulies colelction and the rubbels and now the goldman ... thinking about, we are not that badly of in miami with cool "vanity" projects. if greed is not good and this is vanity... then vanity is good.


the photo gallery is online now... also available in slide show format.

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