Day 2. Strike 3. Bass Museum Reception

Well, I missed the Vernissage of Art Basel. Didn't go. Gorlin was more interesting, a unique crowd, with all three architects of the Aqua buildings there (and me making an exception of the no posing rule for photos).
We are all here because of Art BAsel, but knowing that the show floor would be unchanged today until Sunday the Bass Museum seemed a better place to go, as that event was unique.
Carlos Betancourt´s big show was outside the museum (yes, Carlos likes murals with himself 15 feet / 5 meters tall. Inside a huge crowd, but extremely boring. AT least I missed the highlights if there were any. OK, Nicole and her models is always a highlight, especially since we have our not so secret code greeting when we see each other at events.
"Where's the food?". Well, at the Bass there was none...

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