Day 2. Strike 4. LaChapelle.Taschen.Setai

The highlight of any evening in Miami Beach is the elegance of the Setai.
This time the Taschen editorial organized a huge, and i mean HUGE - party for the release of David LaChapelle´s book "Artists & Prostitutes 1985-2005" .
Benedikt Taschen obviously catered the crowd and himself with german beer

Mr. LaChapelle had brought in lots of buddies from the book and attracted many who would have liked to be in the book.
He also serenaded his friends and bystanders with silent karaoke renditions, all with the passion of the man on top of his abilities to woo a crowd.

Un-be-lie-va-ble! DOzens (and I mean several dozen, literally) of well charming waiters (this is the Setai after all) kept bringing in trays and trays (and trays) of food well after midnight and people were begging to get in, to see for example this gentleman, who managed to attract even Mr. Taschen´s attention with his attire.

Considering the scenes in and outside the glasshouse (onto which no one threw stones, I guess all of use were thinking about possibly sitting in for this poetry reading ourselves in that fragile shell) that was tame.

David LaChapelle had to jump into the pool to please the crowd... That is that first image which made you read this whole posting, right?

check out the photos online, lots of them. and interesting ones, :-) !
or lean back to enjoy the slide show without streesing your fingers.


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