Day 3. Strike 1. Wynwood Zoo

When worlds collide. As somebody who´s seen Wynwood become what it is now, the "Art & Gallery Capital of Miami" (my title, I trademark it with this) and photographed when it still was the "Fashion District" (an interesting way of saying shmates central) it was a beautiful day this morning. The blue skies and the locals taking immediate entrepreneurial possession of the typically artsy visitors. The car washer made me smile, the MOCA addition at the Goldman warehouse too. Tony Goldman "invented" the modern Miami Beach in the early 80's and is at it again, putting energy & money into Wynwood.

The area is changing before our eyes. And the big collection warehouses (Rubell, Margulies, Goldman from today on) almost couldn't contain the ARtBaselian tourists, eeeh, visitors. Same thing with the Pulse! art fair which seemed like a supermarket before the hurricane. Everybody seemed busy buying and carting stuff away. The contrast of german speaking visitors carrying their loot in front of the very humble local housing couldn't have been greater. Times change.
Very zoo-like, very funny, very good for Miami. The number of galleries in Wynwood is at 56 now, a year ago it was about 32, and two years ago maybe, 11? Un-be-lie-va-ble.

But somewhat cool ...

P.S. Click here to see the photo gallery2005. For comparison of the feel of the area now called Wynwood go back to 2003. Or choose one of the many themed photo galleries corresponding to the events from sidebar.

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