Day 3. Strike 3. Design District shows

... and more woows.
The playfulness and good humor spread by Deitch projects´ Live Through This: New York in the Year 2005 in the ground floor of the Newton Building
was enhanced by the experience of a disturbing performance piece, which started seemingly on cue when we walked by the stage and were in the perfect position to see ALL.
You´ll have to see for yourself in the main photo gallery.


And then the colorful but still somewhat serene atmosphere fostered by the New York gallery/design store Mossin the Buick Building.

The Buena Vista Building provided an intensely staffed chip buffet for its bevy of galleries. Buffet might be a strong word for 2 kinds of chips--platains and turnips with black bean dip, replenished by a team of FOUR people. Appreciated nonetheless.
Changed also the look of the Delano pool . What happened to "my" table and chairs? No worry. I´m sure they´ll bring them back after this madness subsides.

Oh, and Jill arrived.

P.S. Click here to see the photo gallery.
The unique slide show of the fascinating Deitch Gallery performance is here, so you don´t miss any details. Or the slide show of the Design District that evening is here.
Or choose one of the many themed photo galleries corresponding to the events from sidebar.

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