Day 4. Strike 1. CIFO Opening

Ella Cisneros seems to have had a good year investing. Or she really loves Miami. Or both. Besides the MAC suddenly a beautiful building rose up in the downtown area, just a couple of blocks from some pretty derelict places.

And literally there was no beautiful building there before Wilma (our hurricane from late October). Talking to the architect we found out why. The building permit was given to them on... October 31st 1005. How anything like this (outside mosaic, A/C systems, etc, etc) can be done in Miami in one month is a mystery to me. I am waiting for three weeks to have my kitchen installed. And let´s not talk about the bathroom area.
Anyway, Ella Cisneros has become a force as a patron of the arts, as not only the outside is an instant landmark, but inside the collection is just great.

Video installations au masse
and on top of that a small (by Margulies´ standards) but excellent photo collection.


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