Day 4. Strike 2. SoundBike

If you have to ask.....

While riding along the Miami Beach promenade on Jessica Thompson's wonderful mobile art piece, the Sound Bike, I was stopped by three strikingly beautiful Scandinavians who had clearly just walked off a photo shoot on the beach. One asked, "What is it?" I explained that it is a bike that laughs at you or with you once you start pedaling. The more you pedal, the more it laughs. And if you are lucky, it keeps laughing after you have stopped. He then asked "Why?" I was taken aback but wanted to clarify before starting my rant. "Why, or how does it laugh?" He confirmed my fear and chose the 'why.' After working on Christo's Gates in Central Park last winter and dealing with one too many "why's," my patience for philistines is quite low at this point.

So I looked sternly at him, turned away, and, as I biked off yelled, "it's art." That should be enough.

A bike that laughs when you ride it...
And the slide show version of the photos, so it even moves by itself.

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