Day 4. Strike 3. Surface @ Oppenheim´s

Surface magazine gave a party at Chad Oppenheim´s unique house on one of the Sunset Islands. It was the best lighted event of the Art Basel parties we went to.

Only complaint--an event from 7 to 10 pm and not even one cracker or potato chip to eat? OK, there were these delicious Sweetriot cacao nibs--little tiny chocolate beans,

which (together with an avocado) saved Jill from expiring right on the walnut hardwood floor next to the gorgeous cantilevered steps.

Or maybe she should have had several glasses of Woodford Reserve whisky? as there was plenty of that.

Chad built this house to sell but when he finished it, he loved it so much that he had to keep it for himself. He also likes to share it with others. In a typical week, there might be a music video, fashion shoot, and TV commercial shot here, not to mention all the parties.


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