Day 5. Strike 5. Visionaire @ Setai

Perhaps it was because of the cooler weather, or perhaps because there was no open bar, no 40 strikingly beautiful waiters rushing back and forth with edible delicacies, and no 6'7" naked drag queen dancing in a glass house in the middle of the pool, but somehow the Visionaire event felt lacking compared to the LaChapelle/Taschen event a couple of days ago at the same place.

But at least we got Kiehl's generous goodie bags, smartly taking them upon arrival, instead of assuming that they would be there when we left. This was some serious loot amidst the cut-throat Art Basel goodie bag hierarchy.

Jill and Tomáš

Photo gallery of this event is here. As always look to the long list of photo galleries to the right for more visual goodies.
Or lean back and let the slide show entertain you.

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