Day 6. Goodbye Party @ Shore Club

Well, this is it for 2005.
Exhaustion sets in.
We´ve covered almost fifty events and exhibitions in this short time. I can´t believe it myself. Exhaustion set in around midnight at the Shore Club.
Ecstatic exhaustion.

Art exhaustion.
Party exhaustion.
Event exhaustion.
Wonderment exhaustion.
In a week we´ll be looking back to this Art Basel as great, and looking forward to next year with big impatient eyes.
Right now, we are glad it´s over.
Nobody can take so much joy without falling apart. And already missing the excitement at the same time.

Go back in time day by day, blog entry by blog entry, post by post.

We loved every minute of Art Basel Miami Beach 2005. We hope you do too. EnJoy!

tomáš & jill

Click on any of the photos to see the full gallery of this event. Or click HERE to see a slide show. Lean Back and enjoy.

For the whole photo gallery line up look to the long list on the right side. Smile and be good.

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