Day 6. Strike 1. CIFO (re)visited

Maybe it should not be that way, but the realities of chance decisions and tempting events left the last day to be the art day. And what better way to start the day with a panel discussion breakfast at the Ella Fontanals Cisneros Art Collection (ok, now that i used the full name I can revert to CIFO in the future).
Panel talks are often useful but boring. The one this morning with Marina Abramovic and Julian Rosenfeldt was great because their works were to be seen literally behind their backs. Rosenfeldt´s elaborate eternally moving people oriented video projects play six to a room and are fascinating in their arrangements. Abramovic´s tryst with a skeleton lying on top of her also has its moments.
And Fiona Tan´s downside up was more than beautiful irony at work. Shadows become main actors and humans, the shadow´s generators are just, well, their shadows shadows.
The entire museum, open only 3 days is for photography and video! When you have finished seeing the entire exhibit you don't feel depleted or that you took in more than you should have. It is the perfect size, very tightly curated, rich in terms of content, diverse in terms of nations/cultures represented and a welcome addition to the exponential growth of small to mid-sized private/public collections in Miami.

jill and tomáš

And the whole photo gallery is here.

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