Day 6. Strike 3. NADA

What can you say when a circle with the hand written words Buy me. I´m at an art fair sells 50 times (this restriction was arbitrary, the gallerist only offered fifty)?
You can say... well, NADA.

Lots of art works with text were shown, some obvious if you come from New York

Some putting forward radical medical or personal advice

Some very personal cries of protest when you only get minimum wage to hang around all day. Or maybe his brother with the shirt "I´m only in it for the money" was on lunch break.

The fair was succesful. Many of the 80 gallery owners represented at NADA sold out their collection during the preview viewing. That left them with 5 days to schmooze with new/old artists, friends, curators, dealers with perhaps a little less pressure than usual. Still, they looked worn out by the end and I think will be happy to keep conversations to essentials only for a couple of weeks. Apparently, NADA people were envied by Art Basel Convention Center people for having access to daylight during the grueling days chained to their booth. No one said the Art World was a bowl of cherries.

tomáš and jill

More photos to give you an impression here.
Or the lazy persons version... a slide show.

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