Day 6. Strike 5. The Push Button House

As soon as I read about the push button house--a home inside a shipping container with operational walls and doors by Adam Kalkin--in the NYTimes Home and Garden Section, I wanted to see it. So, when I was finally in the area, I ran across the grassy field that is Collins Park only to find Adam and colleagues locking it up.

I literally fell down on my knees in despair.

Adam asked me how sad I was and I drew a giant globe--the radius of which was the length of my arms . "Very sad," I yelled as he headed to his car.

I didn't want to lay the guilt on too heavy, so I let him go.
He promised to put up a video of the house in action on his website


More photos of Jill´s despair here
Or... A slide show, so you don´t have to click thru.

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